General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmany Melchett served in the First World War at least until 1917. He was a very posh man who had previously known Lieutenant George - also killing his bunny by setting his dog on it, then running it over, then shooting it. Melchett had previously served in the Sudan, as had Blackadder and Field Marshall Haig, where he had once had to shoot a platoon of soldiers because they had tried to get out of the war by pretending to be mad (putting pencils up their nose, underpants on their head and answering every question put to them with the word 'wibble'.

Melchett once had Blackadder put to a court marshall primarily for killing his carrier pigeon Speckled Jim - although Blackadder had also disobeyed orders (Corporal Punishment). He was often unaware of the hardships of the front line because he had a comfortable chateau 35 miles behind the lines. For this reason, he had his secretary, Captain Darling, transferred to the front line shortly before the Big Push, which subsequently led him to his death.

Melchett bore a very Kitceneresque moustache and always seemed to be unaware of his surroundings - for example, upon noticing that Darling was lying on the table out cold (thanks to Commander Lord Flashheart), he simply said 'Darling, don't slouch'.