Captain Edmund Blackadder served in the First World War from 1914-1917, when he was shot down upon going over the top. He was always very unwilling to go over the top, and as such decided that he would try and escape, along with Private Baldrick and Lieutenant George.

Some methods of attempted escape included feigning as a chef, an artist (Captain Cook), organizing a theatre show to liven up the troops (Major Star), joining the Royal Flying Core under Commander Lord Flashheart, heading Operation Winkle, the spy program (General Hospital), and feigning madness (Goodbyeee)

Blackadder was always involved in an intense rivalry with Captain Kevin Darling for General Melchett's favour. Various ways of humiliation for Darling included a 'liquorice allsort' that was actually a dead slug, and a coffee with three lumps of sugar and plenty of milk (which was, due to Baldrick's ingeniusness and a lack of supplies, mud, dandruff and saliva - Darling also asked for the brown stuff sprinkled on top, but even Blackadder flatly refused).

Blackadder once faced court marshall for killing a carrier pigeon (incidentally Melchett's pigeon, and the finest in the whole flock), and disobeying orders to advance (Blackadder feigned the static on the phone line, and said that all they'd heard was some 'gobbledy gook about Darling shoving a lion up his bottom' - Melchett likes the word 'gobbledy gook' and asks Darling to note it down so he can use it in conversation more often)


  • Captain Cook
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Major Star
  • Private Plane
  • General Hospital
  • Goodbyeee